Who we are

          The company “KUL” OOD is on the manufacturing market of construction products, concrete mixtures and solutions since 2002. Thanks to the successful combination of price and quality, complemented by fast and quality service, we have won the trust and maintain relationships with some of the leading construction companies in the industry.

          To date we have three machines for the production of concrete mixtures and solutions with a total capacity of 250m3 per hour, as well as our own laboratory for testing and evaluating correlation of manufactured concrete mixtures and solutions. The company has created a good organization throughout the manufacturing process, so that it can afford to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The machines, which ensure the production of fresh concrete, are as follows:

Liebherr 2R     ELBA EMC85       Ammann CBS 120 SL

          The production is fully automated, minimizing human error in the manufacturing process or in the accountability when invoicing of supplies. We are using automated software for machine management, produced by Ammann, RK- Prozesstechnik, Bikotronic. Concrete mixer machines are fitted to operate in winter conditions, mounted with installations for water heating of the company “Karcher”. The machines “Liebherr 2 R” and “Ammann CBS 120 SL” is also mounted with installation for heating of aggregates.

What do we have?

          The company has the corresponding number of qualified staff and a large warehouse for all raw materials needed to produce fresh concrete. The company has its own equipment necessary for the provision of production and delivery to the construction site of concrete mixtures and solutions:


  • composition / towing vehicle with gondola trailer/ – 6 pcs;
  • front loader – 3 pcs;
  • cement trucks – 5 pcs;
  • concrete mixer truck 9 м3 – 7 pcs;
  • concrete mixer truck 10 м3 – 7 pcs;
  • concrete mixer truck 12 м3 – 10 pcs;

  • concrete pump-mixer with the length of the boom 24 m – 1 pcs;
  • concrete pump-mixer with the length of the boom 28 m – 3 pcs;
  • concrete pump-mixer with the length of the boom 32 m – 4 pcs;
  • concrete pump-mixer with the length of the boom 42 m – 1 pcs;
  • concrete pump-mixer with the length of the boom 49 m – 1 pcs.
  • concrete pump-mixer with the length of the boom 56 m – 1 pcs.

What you get?

– Partnership with a leading company in the production of concrete mixtures in northeastern Bulgaria.

– Free technical expert assistance.

– Requested mixtures and solutions arrive to the site any day of the week, as the concrete center works every day.

– High quality service, express delivery, quality product made by modern technology and in accordance with current standards in the country and the production control system of the company.

– Short time to get a personalized offer for concrete mixtures and solutions delivered to your building site.

– You get everything you need added to your special order for concrete, from one place and only with one call: fibers for dispersed concrete reinforcement, chemical additives, capillary crystalline admixtures for concrete, fine-grained concrete, without sand concrete and others.

– Quality products, manufactured even in adverse weather winter conditions with air temperatures below 0° C, in accordance with the standard BDS EN 206:2013+А1:2016 и BDS EN 206:2013+А1:2016/NA:2017 for minimum temperature of the concrete mixture of + 10° C. We have mobile construction laboratory technicians, experienced specialists in the field of sampling and testing of concrete samples. Specialist, who are always in favor of the client, in the process of sampling the construction site.

          Produced by “KUL” OOD concrete mixtures and solutions are accompanied by all necessary documents /dispatch notes, bills of lading, declarations on characteristic parameters of the products, copy of certificates/.

          Upon each delivery customers have precise information on:

  • name of the manufacturing facility of finished concrete mixture;
  • serial number of shipping documents;
  • date and time of loading, i.e. the time of the first contact between the cement and the water;
  • number or identification of the vehicle;
  • name of the buyer;
  • the name and location of the site;
  • amount of concrete in cubic meters;
  • declaration on characteristic parameters;
  • name or identification mark of the certification body;
  • a time when the concrete arrives at the site;
  • time of commencement of unloading;
  • the time of completion of the unloading;
  • strength class;
  • class of environmental impact;
  • class of consistency or set value;
  • type and strength class of the cement;
  • type of the chemical additive;
  • Dmax (maximum particle size);

For prescribed concrete can be further added information for details on the composition:

  • cement content and if required, type of the chemical additive;
  • the set ratio of water – cement or consistency via class or set value, as determined;
  • Dmax (maximum particle size);

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